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Aqua Massage – A Heavenly Experience

They say that cleanliness is next to godliness, so an Aqua Massage must be a heavenly experience. And it truly is…

If you’ve never experienced an Aqua Massage before it really is something you need to try. This elevates the routine of washing yourself before a Tantric Massage onto a whole new level. Imagine having your beautiful, naked masseuse taking a shower or bath with you for an intimate, soapy, slippery and erotic experience together.

When you come to Chloe Tantric for an Aqua Massage I will be waiting for you. We will spend some time getting to know each other before we move to the bathroom, which will be warm and lit with candles. Together, in the soft candlelight, we will both get undressed. The choice is yours whether you wish us to have a bath or shower together – each has its particular pleasures.

If you have asked in advance to have a bath together, it will be ready and waiting – hot and steamy. You will ease yourself into the water, lie back and relax. I will then step into the bath and knee down in front of you, between your legs. I will soap my hands and start to gently wash your body. First your arms and hands, then your neck and chest, then your legs and feet. Then, just to make sure I have your full attention, I will wash myself. First my arms, then my tummy and then my breasts. I will then knee up in front of you and move my soapy hand between my legs, rubbing gently back and forth. You will forgive me if I lose myself a little at this point… Then, with you fully aroused, it will be your turn again. I will soap my hands and wash your most intimate part.

If you choose to have a shower together, we will both step into the hot cascading water. I will stand behind you and, pulling you into my body, will reach around you to start washing your chest, neck and arms. From this position, I can reach all of the important parts of your body, including your most intimate part, which I gently wash. All the while you will be able to feel my wet and slippery body pressed up close and moving against yours.

After our bath or shower together we will dry ourselves and move into the bedroom. Your body will feel flushed and tingling from the hot water and from the even hotter experience as you lie down on the bed. I will apply warm essential oil to your body and mine and begin a Tantric Massage. I will slowly build up the erotic tension in your body using my hands and my naked, oiled body to tease, tantalize and pleasure you until you eventually reach an explosive climax. When the massage is finished I will leave you to relax for a few moments before you take a refreshing shower and get dressed.

If you would like to book an appointment for the most erotic Aqua Massage in London, or to discuss your specific requirements, please call or WhatsApp on 07930 290698. I am available for both incall and outcall massage appointments, including Aqua Massage.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, and enjoying a piece of warm, wet and slippery heaven together.

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